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How Can A Social Security Disability Lawyer Help You?

You may wonder if hiring a Social Security Disability lawyer is necessary to obtain benefits. While you can complete an application on your own, the claims process can be overwhelming. Applicants may have their claims delayed for years or denied altogether.

There is a good chance your application will be denied, especially if it is your first time. According to the Social Security Administration, only 28 percent of initial claims were accepted on average from 2001 to 2010. The Social Security Administration will do its own assessment of your ability to work and availability of potential jobs in the San Diego area.

In many cases, claims are denied due to insufficient evidence. Even a small, technical error can send your claim into the denial pile. The attorneys at Bender & Gritz, APLC, can help you gather all necessary evidence to submit a strong and accurate claim.

Obtaining legal guidance can significantly improve your chances of obtaining the benefits you need.

If your claim is denied, you will need to appeal. This process can be arduous and complicated. It is important to have a legal advocate who is knowledgeable of the system. Once a claim is denied, you must file your paperwork within 60 days to get an appeal. After filing for an appeal, you may face significant wait times. It is best to have representation on your side from the start to streamline this process.

Concerned About The Cost?

Many applicants are worried about the cost of representation. After all, applicants typically do not have an income to afford a lawyer. Do not be concerned about the cost of our representation because we do not charge any fees unless you win your claim. The Social Security Administration limits attorney fees to 25% of all retroactive benefits, not to exceed $6,000.00. However, because the average wait time from denial of claim to a hearing before an administrative Law Judge in San Diego is 21 months, most attorney fees are capped at $6,000.00.

We Can Help, Even If You Already Submitted A Claim

The earlier you call an Social Security Disability lawyer, the better. We can help you determine if you are eligible for benefits, how best to create a strong claim or how to prepare for an appeal. It is never too late to give our law firm a call.

Reach out to Bender & Gritz, APLC, for help submitting your SSDI or SSI claim right away. Our experienced attorneys and staff are waiting to help you. Call 619-618-2988, or toll free at 866-603-7941, to arrange a free initial appointment. You can also fill out a quick online contact form.

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