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After a ladder fall, a victim will need experienced counsel

A previous post on this blog gave San Diego construction workers some important pointers on how to avoid falling from a ladder. The post also reminded workers that if they should fall while on the job, they should file for workers' compensation benefits.

Car accidents in construction zones

Previous posts on this blog have shared information with San Diego residents about the so-called "Fatal Four" types of construction accidents. However, if someone looks at the statistics carefully, one should really call the "Fatal Four" the "Fatal Five," as many deaths, over 300 annually if one adds up the numbers, result from motor vehicle accidents in a construction zone.

Lose a loved one to the fatal four? We can help

A previous post on this blog discussed construction's fatal four, that is, four common causes of fatal workplace injuries at a construction site. As that previous post mentioned, these sorts of accidents are preventable, either by a construction worker's employer or by another party, for instance, the company which made scaffolding that gave way.

Construction's fatal four are preventable

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and aside from automobile accidents, the construction industry has a fatal four set of hazards which, as their name implies, tend to cause a lot of deadly construction accidents at work sites both in San Diego and in other parts of California and the rest of the country.

Fatal construction fall underlies lawsuit

Shortcuts on San Diego worksites can sometimes lead to fatal construction accidents. The wife of a construction worker who fell 76 feet from a weaken platform last November has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the general construction contractor, to subcontractors and the property owner.

The compensation we fight for in construction site accidents

Construction workers in the San Diego area have dangerous jobs. Any construction site is full of hazards and risks, such as scaffolding, retaining walls, heavy equipment and a lot of foot traffic as people move from place to place to get the job done. Other construction sites present special risks. For example, workers on high buildings risk falling and highway construction workers risk getting hit by passing cars.

Construction accident sends several workers to hospital

A parking garage under construction partially collapsed recently in another city in California, sending up to 20 workers falling 15 feet in to wet concrete below them. Some of those near the site said it sounded like a bomb going off when the structure crumbled.

When tragedy strikes at work, we can help

A previous post on this blog described a tragic construction site accident that happened in the San Diego area and which left one worker injured and another one dead. This type of accident, which involved the collapse of a wall, are not uncommon and, in fact, are often mentioned as a serious workplace hazard that construction crews frequently face.

Construction worker dies at nearby job site

A construction worker who was working on a job at a site in the San Diego area died after a wall collapsed, leaving man the man trapped underneath the structure. Another worker, who was thrown away from the wall when it fell, reportedly hurt his back and his leg in the incident.

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