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California laws on dog bites

For any dog person, a dog is a great addition to any family. Even if a person does not own a dog, they are very fun to be around, as they are very comforting to be near and a joy to play with. While there is many positive things to say about being a dog owner, the reality is that much responsibility is placed on a person once he or she purchase a dog. One is not only tasked with care for the dog appropriately, but a dog owner must take responsibility for their dog when incidents such as a dog bite occur.

Taking action to hold a negligent dog owner liable for a bite

Owning a pet is often a goal for residents in California and elsewhere. Having a cute and cuddly dog to come home to sounds very ideal. While being a pet owner has many perks and benefits, it also means a lot of responsibilities. This means a pet owner must take steps to ensure it is well cared for; however, a pet owner is also obligated to ensure that others are safe around their pet. Even if a dog has never shown any aggressive tendencies, it could bite or attack a stranger or a visitor, causing serious injuries to them.

We can help hold dog owners strictly liable for bites

A previous post on this blog discussed how, under California law, dog owners are strictly liable to pay compensation if their animal bites another person. While this certainly helps injured San Diego residents get compensation for their losses, it does not make a dog attack case easy, particularly if the owner or the owner's insurance company wants to deny responsibility.

California's anti-dog bite law

In addition to whatever local regulations San Diego has in place with respect to dogs, California has a statewide law designed to prevent dog bites and, when they occur, to give the victims of these bites the ability to get compensation for their losses.

What should I do if a pack of dogs attacks?

Some of the most serious incidents of dog bites involve situations in which more than one dog attacks at the same time. Dogs, after all, are pack animals, and they are most effective at attacking when they act together as a pack. Whereas the worst one dog in a pack might do is inflict a minor injury, the pack of dogs can seriously hurt or even kill a person.

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