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What risks do you face while at work?

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

When you go to work, you may not be thinking about the different ways you could suffer harm while you do your job. The risk of injury is possible in virtually every type of occupation, but there are some jobs that come with an elevated risk of injury. If you work in one of these high-risk occupations, it is in your interests to know what you are facing while on the job and how you can stay as safe as possible.

You have the right to a reasonable expectation of safety while at work. Employers have the responsibility of providing safety training, equipment and other types of support that allow workers to do their jobs without an unnecessary risk for injury. You also have the right to seek help after a job-related injury through a workers’ compensation claim, a step that will allow you to pursue recovery of losses, help returning to work and more.

Causes for workplace injuries

Workplace injuries are often the result of mistakes, negligence, lack of safety standards and other preventable factors. Some of the most common types of injuries suffered by employees while on the job include the following:

  • Overexertion injuries, such as repetitive stress injuries or damage caused by pushing, jumping, carrying or throwing
  • Equipment accidents, including harm done by falling equipment, moving vehicles, malfunctioning tools and more
  • Falls, such as falls from heights, tripping over equipment, slipping on unsafe surfaces, misuse of ladders or poorly constructed scaffolding

When you know the risks you are facing, you will be in a better position to protect yourself and avoid a potential injury.

After an injury

After a workplace injury, you could be left with serious physical damage, medical bills you cannot afford and other complications. Workers’ compensation benefits provide you the opportunity to seek the recovery you need, which may include recompense for your medical expenses, rehabilitation support as you seek to return to work and more.

The workers’ compensation claims process can be complex, confusing and overwhelming. In some cases, claims come back denied. If you plan to file a claim, you may find it helpful to start by seeking an understanding of your rights as an injured worker and what to expect from the claims process.



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