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Companies cited after construction workers’ death at SoFi Stadium

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

Working on a California construction site comes with certain risks, especially if safety protocols are not followed. This is why there are regulations in place to keep worksites safe. When construction companies don’t adhere to these safety standards, they may be held liable for injuries on the job site. In this case, a man fell to his death while working on the SoFi stadium in Inglewood.

The cause of the accident

The construction worker who died while working on the stadium fell through an opening in the roof. While the worker was wearing a harness that was later shown to be in good working order, investigators found other safety violations on the worksite. Two construction companies were cited for violations. One company was fined for not providing railings to help prevent falls. The other company was cited for similar reasons along with not providing proper safety equipment to workers.

The victim suffered fatal injuries after falling around 120 feet. During the examination of the safety harness, it was noted that there were some additional safety features that were missing, which may have protected the man from falling. His family is suing the two companies cited, along with others who were overseeing the stadium construction project.

Legal options for surviving family members

When a loved one dies in a work-related accident, the surviving friends and family are understandably devastated. While monetary compensation can never replace a loved one, it can help provide care for dependents of the victim and pay outstanding costs associated with the accident. A consultation with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney in California can help family members understand their legal options.



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