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Safety for workers in the health care industry

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

Every type of California worker has the right to a reasonable expectation of safety when he or she is on the clock. However, there are some jobs that come with an elevated chance of risking one’s personal safety. Health care workers face unique challenges at work, including the requirement of handling and moving patients. This can lead to a higher chance of an injury, even when following all safety requirements. 

If you work in the health care industry, you know that your job exposes you to the possibility of certain illnesses and other things that could cause you harm. When moving a patient, you could find yourself injured, and these injuries could affect your ability to continue doing your job. It is in your interests to know how to proceed in the event you experience a workplace injury and how you can pursue what you need for a full and fair recovery. 

Lifting patients isn’t without risk 

Sometimes it is necessary for health care workers to move patients. They may need to adjust positions in the bed, go for testing or move for a procedure. Patients who are unable to move themselves will require health care workers to pick them up, and this can lead to strain and other types of injuries. Manually transferring patients often affects the lower back and shoulders. Health care workers in the following specialties are more likely to experience injuries for this reason. 

  • Long-term care workers 
  • Acute care workers 
  • Home health care employees 
  • Physical therapists 
  • Radiologists 

If you suffered an injury while lifting, adjusting or transferring a patient, you have options available to you. It is possible you could seek benefits and support through a workers’ compensation claim. This allows you to secure the support you need while you recover and move toward an eventual return to work. 

Filing your claim 

Filing a workers’ compensation claim is something you should consider as soon as possible after experiencing any type of workplace accident. Your injuries are more than an inconvenience, and you could be eligible for support that will allow you to recoup some of your lost wages and the costs you incurred due to medical care. Your job in the health care industry may be high-risk, but that does not mean you do not have the right to expect support and help after an incident that results in your harm. 



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