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Film crew member seriously injured on set in LA accident

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

An accident on a film set in Los Angeles has left a crew member with critical injuries. The Netflix movie, which stars Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg, was not being filmed at the time of the accident. The injured party fell from a structure during set construction.

Horrific injuries on the job

The man was working on a high structure in the Sunset Gower Studios in Hollywood. Something caused him to lose footing and fall through an opening in an elevated structure. First responders initially assumed the man fell anywhere from 60 to 80 feet, but a later investigation of the accident estimates that he fell from around 35 feet. When first responders arrived, the victim was not breathing and had no pulse. He was revived and sent to a local trauma center for treatment.

Crew members in Hollywood have been fighting for better working conditions for some time now. They claim that workers are required to be on set for long hours without adequate rest. It’s not clear the cause of the accident in this case or if poor working conditions led to the accident. CAL-OSHA will launch an investigation to attempt to find the cause of the man’s fall.

A case for workers’ compensation

The crew member in this situation may have lifelong injuries, not to mention loss of work and other expenses. When someone has an accident at work, there may be cause to pursue workers’ compensation benefits. When one is injured at work, seeking legal advice from a California attorney with experience in pursuing workers’ compensation cases is the first step in understanding all the options.



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