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TBI consequences could change lives forever

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2021 | Brain Injuries |

Many car accident victims in San Diego and across California have to adjust their lives to cope with the consequences. A significant percentage of them suffered traumatic brain injuries that require costly long-term medical care, vocational training and therapy. If you are one of them, you might agree that the worst part of head trauma is that it could cause cognitive impairment that is not visible to others and affect all aspects of your life. 

What are cognitive abilities? 

The act of thinking or knowing is cognition. Each brain injury is unique, depending on the area of the brain trauma. Your brain injuries could affect any of the following cognitive abilities: 

  • Remembering and using information 
  • Concentrating and paying attention 
  • Making appropriate choices  
  • Problem-solving and reasoning  
  • Choosing appropriate words in conversations and written communication 
  • Planning and organizing daily schedules and tasks 
  • Following instructions in a specific order  
  • Judgment and decision-making 
  • Patience 
  • Ability to do two things at the same time 

The severity of your injury largely determines the extent of your cognitive difficulties and the severity of your injury. 

Mental fog 

Mental fogginess is the term used for the slowing down of your thinking and understanding. For example, when watching a television program, you might still be trying to understand what you see or hear when the images and vocals move on. 

Compromised concentration and attention abilities 

You might be unable to focus or pay attention to more than one thing simultaneously. Examples include having a conversation while you are eating or stopping halfway through a task because you cannot concentrate for longer than a few minutes at a time. 

Learning and memory challenges 

You might struggle to remember events or incidents that occurred weeks or even months before your brain trauma. Likewise, remembering current events or new information learned since your accident could be significant challenges. 

Communication problems 

While you might have problems understanding conversations, you could also have difficulty formatting your response or expressing yourself appropriately. You might struggle when telling someone something from start to end because you lost focus and drifted off into a different subject. 

Difficulty with complex tasks 

Tasks like scheduling appointments, managing your checkbook and other tasks that used to present no problems might now be significant challenges. 

Pursuing financial relief 

If another party’s negligence caused your brain injuries, you might have grounds to seek damage recovery. The California civil justice system allows victims of others’ recklessness to file personal injury lawsuits. The court will adjudicate your documented claims for past and future financial losses and emotional harm like pain and suffering. 



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