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Onewheel skateboard accidents lead to wrongful death lawsuits

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2021 | Wrongful Death |

The Onewheel electric skateboard has gained popularity due to its innovative design and unique riding experience. But it seems that these machines can actually be quite dangerous. There are numerous lawsuits around the country related to serious injuries and even death after accidents involving the Onewheel.

Risks associated with Onewheel

The Onewheel skateboard has a self-balancing design, and as the name implies, it requires the rider to balance on one large wheel. Unlike other skateboards, the Onewheel is not manually powered by the rider but uses a rechargeable battery. The manufacturer of the skateboard, Future Motion, claims that the skateboard is easy to ride and that anyone can ride one with some practice. The serious accidents related to using the Onewheel skateboard may say otherwise.

There are lawsuits around the nation claiming that users of the electric-powered skateboard have suffered severe injuries. One such wrongful death lawsuit in San Diego claims a man suffered brain injuries after being thrown off the Onewheel. Many of the injuries are related to the skateboard nosediving, which can throw the rider unexpectedly to the ground.

Seeking legal advice

The unexpected loss of a loved one, especially in a tragic accident like those involving the Onewheel, can be extremely hard for family members of the victim. Money may be the last thing on their mind after the accident. But once the shock wears off, the family members may want answers as to what happened. Seeking monetary damages after such a loss can help ease the financial burdens that come with medical bills, funeral costs and other expenses. By speaking to a California attorney with experience in wrongful death cases, the family can understand all their options.



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