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Remember these 3 tips to stay safe from bites this holiday season

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2020 | Dog Bites |

The holidays are just around the corner, and with them is the risk of dog bites. Although you and your loved ones may enjoy spending time around each other, the same is not always true of your pets.

When you’re traveling between homes during the holidays or having people come to yours to celebrate, it is important that you take some time to prepare. Here are some tips to follow.

Know your dog’s habits

If you have a dog that is prone to anxiety or aggression over being around people or food, now is not the best time to try to introduce them to those situations. A better idea may be to leave them at home with a dog sitter or to take them to a kennel.

Have separate areas prepared for pets

Although it’s nice to have pets around you when you visit, they can cause trouble around the dinner table. Have separate rooms or cages set up, so you can separate pets that aren’t getting along and keep the peace in the home.

Know the signs of upset, distress, anger or overexcitement

When your pet, or someone else’s, is getting upset, is in distress, feels unwell, becomes angry or gets too excited, it may be more prone to biting. Look for signs, such as barred teeth, licking the lips or folding back the ears, and take action to remove the pet before they have a chance to cause trouble.

These are three things you can do to prevent dog bites over the holiday. Be cautious, and everyone can have a good time together.



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