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Common injuries suffered by assembly line workers

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All jobs carry certain risks. While some professions, for example, firefighting and construction, carry more risks than most jobs, even office workers who sit at desks all day can suffer from injuries in the workplace.

As an assembly line worker, you should know that you may fall into the higher risk category when it comes to becoming injured at work. The likelihood of being injured will depend on workplace conditions. As an employee, you’ll almost certainly be covered by workers’ compensation in the event that you become injured while performing the duties of your job.

You also have the legal right to take action to gain the workers’ compensation that you deserve, and your employer cannot retaliate against you. The following is an overview of the most common injuries suffered by assembly line workers.

Repetitive stress injuries

Working on an assembly line means that you’ll likely be repeating the same movements thousands of times per day. Even though these movements can be small, such as moving your hand from left to right, the repetitive movement could lead to injury. You will need to take time off work in order to rest your injury and seek medical attention, and by filing for workers’ compensation you will be able to gain back most of the costs.

Crush injuries

Dealing with machinery and heavy equipment puts you at risk of serious injury. Many assembly workers suffer hand trauma as a result of accidents where they get their hands trapped in a machine. This can mean that they are unable to work on an assembly line in the future.

Chemical exposure

Many assembly line workers process products or work in environments where hazardous chemicals may be present. Your employer should provide appropriate protective equipment, but the risk of exposure will always be present. You may eventually suffer from an occupational disease if you are exposed to toxic chemicals in the workplace. If this happens, you can take action to gain compensation.

If you have been injured as an assembly worker, you should not hesitate to take action to file for workers’ compensation. Doing so is simple and will help relieve you of the financial burden relating to the incident.



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