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If you fell while working in the orchard, you should seek support

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As a worker in California, you know what it’s like to be around hazards. You work in high temperatures, have long days and are often outside. The weather, people and other things in the environment can all affect your job.

The last day you were at work, you were caught up in an accident that shouldn’t have happened. You were working in a local orchard, and you were up in a tree on a ladder. You felt pretty secure, since you had branches around you.

You sat on one of the bigger branches as you worked and left the ladder where you could reach it. When you were ready to get down, you asked your coworker to hold onto the ladder as you did. For a reason you’re not sure of, the rung snapped under your weight, and you fell onto your coworker.

In the end, you had a dislocated shoulder and elbow. Your coworker had a head injury from your landing on them. Both of you are now in a position where you can’t work, and you may need to seek workers’ compensation.

Falls are a leading cause of injury and death across multiple states, so it’s not surprising that you were a victim of one. Did you know that there are over 200 injuries related to ladder use each year? Usually, those injuries are a result of ladders falling over or because the user slips, but defects, like a broken rung, could also cause injuries.

You were lucky that your joints were able to be reset, and your coworker is likely to recover well, too. However, in the meantime, it’s a good idea to work on your workers’ compensation claim. It may be a few weeks or more before you can return to work, and it’s in your best interests to look into getting compensation for the wages you’re losing. Additionally, workers’ compensation covers your necessary medical expenses and should also provide you with vocational rehabilitation if you cannot return to the same job that you had before.

Falls like yours can lead to sprains, dislocations, head injuries and other serious wounds. A damaged or defective ladder never should have been on your employer’s property. Making a claim is a good step in the right direction, so you can get the compensation you need, and your employer can do more to protect the safety of their employees.



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