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Hit on a car lot? You may have a workers’ compensation claim

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Your team works with cars day in and day out. Part of your job requires you to get into vehicles, to drive them and to park them on your lot.

Where you work, a dealership with a mechanic shop, there are always people coming and going. Unfortunately, they aren’t always cautious, and accidents do happen. Yours happened as a coworker pulled a vehicle forward. Instead of slowing down when they saw you approaching, they accidentally hit the gas. They put on the brakes quickly, but it wasn’t soon enough. You ended up with significant injuries.

What happens when you’re hit by a car while working?

If you’re working and participating in your job when you’re hit by a coworker, this is clearly a case of a workplace accident. When employees drive for work or work around cars, workers’ compensation could apply and be used to help the injured worker obtain compensation and coverage for their medical care.

Are there times when an employer may not be liable for the injuries suffered in a collision?

There could be times when an employer wouldn’t be liable. For example, if you’re not on the clock and are pulling out of the lot when someone hits you with their vehicle, then it’s more likely that you’ll file a personal injury claim against the party who struck you.

Another time when your employer may not be liable is if you did something to cause the incident intentionally. For example, if you and the coworker planned a significant crash to be able to collect workers’ compensation, then your employer may fight your claim. Similarly, if you were intoxicated or drugged while driving, the claim may also be denied due to your own negligence.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t be entitled to compensation if a crash was your fault, though. For instance, if you were driving for work and hit a coworker, that’s still a work-related incident. Your coworker would be able to make a claim, and you could, too.

What should you do if you’re involved in an accident on the job?

If you get into an accident while working, make sure your employer is informed as soon as possible. You want to let them know, so that they can help you start a workers’ compensation claim. If they refuse or argue with you over the claim, you can still pursue a claim but may want to look into working with an attorney to help support your claim.



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