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Seek compensation if you’re hit by a falling object at work

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2020 | Construction Workers' Accidents |

You love working in construction because it gets you outside and moving. You love working with people to build things and enjoy seeing the finished product. Unfortunately, you also realize that there are some serious injuries that can be suffered if people aren’t cautious.

That’s what happened to you recently. A new set of workers was brought in to help with a project, and the workers were not as careful as they should have been. They didn’t use personal protective equipment and seemed to joke around too much.

Your employer let it slide, but they shouldn’t have. You tried to mention that they shouldn’t go without tethering their items, but they brushed you off. That’s why you’re so angry now as you deal with a brain injury. It was their negligence that led to a falling item that hit you.

Falling objects are a major hazard in construction

Falling objects are a hazard to construction workers. Even if you wear a hardhat, there is a risk that you could be hit and badly hurt. To prevent accidents like that, people are advised to use tethering techniques, like using a tether to attach their tools to a scaffold so that those items don’t fall and hurt others.

When someone disobeys an order or doesn’t follow safety procedures on the job, they can put others’ lives at risk. If your employer wouldn’t ask them to follow the requirements, then they should be held liable as well.

You may be able to file for workers’ compensation if you’re hurt on the job. Your injuries may be covered if you were performing job duties at the time of the incident. Our website has more information.



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