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Falling objects cause real risks for workers on the job

On Behalf of | Jan 16, 2020 | Construction Workers' Accidents |

Out of all the different kinds of construction accidents, those caused by falling objects result in many of the injuries seen in emergency rooms. Falling objects can be almost anything from planks that weren’t secured to hammers or tools that didn’t have safety straps to keep them attached to the worker overhead.

No one should have to worry about falling tools, for example, in a construction zone. Almost all tools come with methods of securing them. The hole in the handle of many hand tools, for example, can be used to attach the tool to a strap and a belt that the worker wears.

In 2015, fall protection violations topped the Occupational Safety and Health Adminsitration’s (OSHA) list of violations. It makes sense, since fall violations include falling equipment, falling workers or tools that aren’t secured and fall before causing injuries.

Proper safety equipment is key

To prevent injuries from falling objects, the right safety equipment is a must. Workers need to use attachment points, tool lanyards, holsters and tool belts. They should have pouches and wristbands as well as spill-control buckets. Using these items will help prevent objects from being dropped.

Construction accidents can happen at almost any time, but they don’t have to. Good safety precautions do make a difference at a worksite and can help prevent injuries to workers.

If you are hit by a falling object, know that you have rights and can seek help. In fact, any worker who is hurt deserves to get the best care possible for their injuries. Your attorney will help if you are hurt while working your job.



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