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The possible dangers when working with heavy machinery

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Many construction workers must work with heavy machinery daily. They will have been trained so that they can do this safely, however, dangers still lurk. The Center for Construction Research and Training found that the second highest cause of fatalities within the construction industries is mobile heavy equipment and machinery.

If you are a construction worker who operates, or is in the vicinity of, heavy machinery often, take the time to be aware of the most prominent dangers. By doing so, you may be able to prevent injuries in the future. The following are some of the most common dangerous mistakes when operating heavy machinery.

Injuries due to not accounting for blind spots

The operators of bulldozers, cranes and dump trucks are subject to limited ranges of view. Operators must be aware of this at all times, just as the driver of a car would. When blind spots are not accounted for, injuries to machine operators or those in the vicinity can occur.

Not observing the surrounding environment

Construction sites usually have many activities taking place simultaneously. This means that all workers should be aware of what is going on around them, and not only at their eye level. Dangers can present themselves in the form of falling objects or underground hazards.

Exceeding the load limits

All equipment has differing load limits. Machinery operators must be aware of the load limit of the specific machinery that they are using. Failing to do so could lead to sudden load drops from a considerable height. This could result in fatal injuries.

Not using specific safety equipment

Safety equipment serves a clear purpose: to protect you at all times. Construction workers can sometimes become complacent about the use of things such as seatbelts, safety goggles or ear protectors. Failing to use ear protectors in noisy environments, for example, could lead to extensive hearing loss over time.

If you have been injured while operating heavy machinery on a construction site, fault will not be taken into account when taking action to claim workers’ compensation. All workers who have suffered damages as a result of work-related activity are entitled to make a claim.



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