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Pedestrian hurt in multi-vehicle collision

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2019 | Car Accidents |

Pedestrian accidents can cause serious harm to victims. Not long ago, this blog offered its readers a post on pedestrian safety. There are many precautions that individuals on foot can take to keep themselves out of harm’s way while on the roads, but many responsible walkers and joggers are still hurt in collisions with vehicles. This is because many drivers fail to take care to protect those around them when they operate their vehicles.

Just recently in Pacific Beach, a man was seriously injured when he was struck by a car. The man was in the center divider of an intersection when a vehicle drifted out of its lane and into oncoming traffic. The victim was hit by the vehicle, and that vehicle went on to hit a different car and eventually flipped over.

While the drivers of the two vehicles suffered only minor injuries, the pedestrian endured significant physical trauma. He sustained injuries to his head, a broken pelvis, and internal injuries. No arrests were made in the crash and the cause of the accident is unknown.

Pedestrians who are struck by vehicles will face a long road ahead of them as they fight to regain their strength. Their recovery may be hampered by setbacks, and they may be unable to fully heal from the serious injuries they sustained. In order to move forward and pay for the support they need to live their lives, they may choose to work with a personal injury attorney to assist with the recovery of their damages.



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