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Parents reveal how common teens drive distracted

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2019 | Car Accidents |

When teens pass their driving test, they often fail to remember that driving is a privilege that comes with many obligations and duties. Each and every driver on the roadways in California and elsewhere owe the duty to drive safe and follow the rules of the road. However, young drivers believe that they can accomplish this with a phone in hand. Distracted driving is an ongoing concern, especially among teen drivers.

A recent study was conducted at the University of Michigan, and it was found that the students surveyed have many friends who are easily distracted while driving. It was further discovered that roughly 60% of parents surveyed stated that they had a child report that they had a friend who lost focus while behind the wheel.

While cell phone usage is a major concern for parents of teen drivers, there are other types of distraction that top the list. This includes listening to loud music and driving with multiple teens in the vehicle, especially with a new driver. And much like an adult can fall victim to distractions in a vehicle, teen drivers are especially vulnerable. This alone creates a greater risk for car accidents.

Distracted driving is a risky activity that can have deadly consequences. When someone falls victim to a crash caused by a distracted driver, it can be an overwhelming situation. The harms caused by such an incident can be tremendous, but a civil suit, such as a personal injury action, could help offset these damages.



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