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What are common construction site injuries?

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2019 | Construction Workers' Accidents |

Working in the construction industry can be a very rewarding career for individuals in California and elsewhere. While it can be an excellent living, it can also cause workers to face numerous risks and dangers. Thus, it is important for construction workers’ to understand what they can do in the event that they are injured at a work site.

What are common construction site injuries? The injuries suffered by a construction worker are often dependent on the type of work site they are at; however, there are some injuries that are more common and prevalent in the industry itself. Because many work sites require some workers to work at great heights, falls are common. However, a fall could also occur on level ground due to a slip or trip. Thus, injuries one is likely to suffer are broken bones, lacerations, head trauma or injuries to the back or neck.

Other common construction site injuries include heat stroke, injuries caused by falling objects, repetitive motion injuries, respiratory ailments, chemical burns and crush injuries due to a worker getting trapped because of a structure or trench collapse. No matter the type of injury, it is likely that a construction site injury will impact a worker. This can lead to necessary medical care and time away from work.

In order to address the growing medical bills and lost wages, workers’ compensation many be necessary. These benefits could help offset these losses while an injured worker takes the time necessary to recover. Seeking guidance from a legal professional can be beneficial, as they can help explain the application process and what steps are necessary to take if one is initially denied these benefits.



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