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No one likes to think about death. Even though it is a natural occurrence in life, it is a difficult event to face, as no one is truly ready to let go of a loved one. This is why a sudden fatal accident can be extremely emotionally devastating. In addition to the emotional pain associated with the loss of a loved one, the financial damages caused by the fatal accident can also be overwhelming. Thus, it is imperative that surviving family members understand what rights and options they have.

While nothing can replace a loved one lost in a tragic accident, the attorneys at Bender & Gritz, APLC, are sensitive and compassionate to these matters. Our law firm is dedicated to helping individuals in the San Diego area gain a full understanding of their situation and what steps they can take to better the situation.

A wrongful death claim not only serves surviving family members financially, but this civil action can also help establish some closure. By proving cause and liability, loved ones can get more answers about what happened and who is to blame. Thus, our attorneys are focused on meeting the goals of our clients while also ensuring their rights are protected.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s wrongful death website. Filing this civil action can be an emotional process; however, it is often an important step to take to address the losses caused by a fatal accident and to hold a negligent party accountable. Gaining assistance in these matters can help one navigate these difficult and emotional times.



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