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Just how damaging can dog bites be?

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2019 | Dog Bites |

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that almost one-fifth of those who suffer a dog bite require medical treatment. This is because dog bites can cause pain, injury, nerve damage, damage to the hands and face and the introduction of germs that could result in infection.

As many as 18% of dog bites cause infection. Some diseases that could result from a dog bite are rabies, infection caused by capnocytophaga bacteria, infection caused by Pasteurella bacteria, MRSA staph infections and tetanus. These infections and diseases can cause serious health problems, and sometimes can be fatal.

In general, children are more apt to suffer a dog bit than adults. Men are more apt than women to suffer a dog bite. Sometimes, especially when a child is bitten, the resulting injuries can be very severe. People can even be bitten by dogs they know and dogs that live in their homes.

If a person in San Diego has been bitten by someone else’s dog and suffers damages as a result, they may wish to hold the dog owner accountable. In many cases, the dog owner is strictly liable for any injuries that are caused when their dog bites another individual. However, there are limited exceptions, specifically if the person bit by the dog had expressly provoked the animal into attacking.

In the end, a dog bite can result in severe physical injuries and emotional trauma. It is something no one in California should have to suffer. Unfortunately, dog bites are a common occurrence. Dog bite victims should not be forced to bear the burden of the costs associated with the injury alone. Instead, they may wish to pursue compensation from the dog’s owner.



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