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What breeds of dog pose the highest risk to children?

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2019 | Dog Bites |

Owning a dog in southern California is common for residents. These animals make great companions, and for the most part, the public is comfortable encountering dogs in public places and when they enter private property. Although dogs, like other pets, can have a positive impact, there are some concerns. While dog owners are expected to keep others safe when they interact with their pet, this is not always feasible. And in some cases, the negligence of a dog owner is the cause of a serious dog bite or attack.

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, and with that, different temperament, personalities and activity levels. Dog owners are likely knowledgeable about the breed of dog that they own, understanding the uniqueness of their dog and how they interact with other dogs and people. Unfortunately, not all dog owners are aware of this, and in some cases, are not aware that the breed that they own could present more risks and dangers.

What breeds of dogs pose the highest risk to children? Current research looked that the probability of a dog bite by a certain breed and the amount of damage caused by a bite when assessing this. And for children, this study focused on bites to the head and the neck of children. This study found that pit bull types of dogs posed the greatest risk. This was then followed by German shepherds, Jack Russell Terriers and Rottweilers.

While understanding certain breeds that pose greater risk can be helpful when assessing the likelihood of a dog bite occurring, the reality is that these breeds could be perfectly safe to be around while other breeds more dangerous when a dog owner is negligent. A dog bite could occur for many reasons, no matter the breed, and victims should be aware of the situation and their rights.

The aftermath of a dog bite or attack can be painful, emotional and shocking. A victim and their loved one can be left with many questions as they address the injuries and growing damages. This can turn into a very overwhelming and confusing situation; however, there are options and legal recourses available. A personal injury action may be possible. This civil action could help hold a dog owner liable and assist with the recover of compensation for losses suffered by the bite victim.



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