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What benefits are injured workers entitled to?

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2019 | Workers' Compensation |

In California and elsewhere, construction sites are frequently seen throughout the year. Whether it is a building, home or road, the construction industry is important. It not only builds necessary structures, it is a great career for those in this line of work. But, construction workers are, unfortunately, faced with a wide range of risks and dangers in the work environment. This often results in workers facing serious and sometimes disabling injuries.

What benefits are injured workers entitled to? Through workers’ compensation an injured worker could seek various types of coverage and benefits. To begin, one could seek medical care. “Workers’ comp” could be used to address, cure, treat and relieve current and future medical issues. If a worker is temporarily disabled due to a workplace injury, workers’ comp could be used to cover partial lost wages.

In matters in which an injured worker is permanent disabled, that worker may be entitled to a monetary award. This amount is dependent on the limitations the injury causes when it comes to the worker’s activity. Finally, an injured worker is entitled to vocational rehabilitation. If one is unable to return to a former job, that person could obtain assistance in getting another job.

A workplace injury is not predictable. Even in an industry that carries with it many risks, no one is prepared to deal with the aftermath of a workplace accident. It is important for these workers to understand their rights and options when it comes to seeking workers’ compensation and using these benefits to offset the damages caused by the incident.



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