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What could be an important factor after your work injury?

On Behalf of | May 17, 2019 | Construction Workers' Accidents |

If you are a construction worker, you know how hard you work to earn a living wage. There have been many advancements over the years in improving worker safety and health, but no fool-proof solutions. Work accident injuries can still happen and construction workers are one of the most affected group of workers, statistically, to experience these injuries. There are a few things to consider before taking action after a construction workers’ accident injury.

There are several regulatory groups involved in preventing worker injury, such as OSHA. However, construction worker injuries still occur at a frequent rate. All employers are required to have insurance to support workers’ comp injury victims when an injury renders them unable to work. Taking advantage of workers’ compensation isn’t automatic – one must seek out this temporary form of financial assistance.

In some cases, a worker may have a claim of negligence against an employer or related third party. This is an entirely different situation. If a worker was injured due to another’s negligence, you could seek a personal injury judgement against them to cover for losses incurred. Damages sought could include medical expenses, lost wages and loss of quality of life. So, how do you know if a personal injury claim is better suited for workers’ comp or personal injury?

An investigation of the facts can help to clear that up. The majority of construction workers’ injuries are simply accidents and candidates for workers’ compensation benefits. If something seems grossly off about the incident in which you were injured, or if OSHA is investigating, you may guess that something isn’t quite the norm. It’s good to ask these questions as accepting workers’ comp is typically an implicit waiver of seeking a personal injury lawsuit.



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