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Loved one’s fatal accident could lead to wrongful death lawsuit

On Behalf of | May 9, 2019 | Wrongful Death |

One way to potentially help ease the burden of the loss of a loved one is to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit, if negligence is suspected or known in connection with the loved one’s passing.

Whether the loved one’s fatal accident happened at work, while driving or some other way, there could be others who are responsible or who failed to uphold a duty of care. The failure to do so could have directly or indirectly caused a person’s fatal accident. At our law firm, we understand that taking the proper steps after a loved one’s fatal accident is crucial. There could be a police report or other documentation or investigation that is important to your wrongful death case, in which you may be able to seek damages for the losses suffered due to your loved one’s death.

Understanding what you can seek in damages for goes beyond medical expenses or property damage. When a family loses a loved one, they of course will be missing that person, but often they will be missing the income and financial support that the deceased person earned. These wages are lost starting the day the deceased passed away, and for many years to come. Recovering these losses can make a big different in the future of the loved ones left behind.

There could also be the potential to seek punitive damages against the negligent parties. These damages are sought and awarded to plaintiffs in situations in which a defendant was so negligent that the need to be punished is seen to be appropriate by the court. Moving forward can be easier when a family is better supported financially due to the damages awarded by a wrongful death lawsuit.



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