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Kids injured in multi-vehicle crash caused by intoxicated driver

On Behalf of | May 23, 2019 | Car Accidents |

Anytime a child is injured in an accident, it gives everyone pause. This is because accidents involving children are usually caused by adults. The decisions that adults make every day can put adults and kids alike in danger. Such appears to be the case after a multi-vehicle car accident in San Diego on Pepper Drive. Several children were injured, as were a handful of adults, according to reports.

In total, three vehicles were involved in the chain reaction style car accident. It began when a Scion entered the roadway trailing eastbound in the westbound lane. A truck traveling in that lane swerved to avoid the vehicle, and then a minivan traveling behind it broadsided that vehicle. Nine people in totals, including at least six children, were taken to the hospital to be treated for their injuries suffered in the crash.

A witness to the crash called 911 immediately and also noticed a beer bottle on the driver’s seat of the Scion. A full investigation will determine if the driver was intoxicated and charges will likely be filed in that instance. Intoxicated driving is dangerous and illegal; the injured would likely have the right to seek damages for the injuries they suffered in the crash.

The children’s parents will often be the ones to take steps to move toward this goal. It wasn’t clear how serious the children’s injuries were, but hospitalization costs are never cheap today. That, coupled with any physical therapy or further medical care, can really set a family back. If negligence is determined to have been a factor, damages can be awarded to offset those costs.



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