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Scaffolding accidents at construction sites

| Apr 25, 2019 | Construction Workers' Accidents |

While we notice buildings being constructed all around us, many of us do not know what all goes into it. Construction work requires much manual labor, work at great heights and heavy machinery. Thus, the safety issues can be plentiful. Although steps are taken to increase safety through training and safety gear, this does not always prevent construction site accidents from happening.

One of the most severe construction site accidents involves falls from a height. In fact, scaffolding accidents account for a large portion of these type of fall accidents. It is estimated that 65% of all construction workers work on scaffold, so it comes as no surprise that this is one of the most common type of accident at a construction site.

Not only are these a common type of accident, they are one that result in some of the most serious injuries. Whether the fall is due to defective equipment, equipment that was improperly installed or unreasonably unsafe equipment, the injuries suffered in a fall could be tremendous. A worker could suffer trauma to the head, neck or back, limbs could break or internal injuries could occur. The injuries could be so severe that the worker will require much medical treatment, rehabilitation and ongoing care to get back to normal.

Suffering a fall injury or any other type of construction site injury can be very life impacting. An injured worker likely needs to take off time to recover. This can create financial problems, especially when medical bills are piling up. Workers’ compensation can help address these losses, helping an injured worker overcome the challenges associated with a construction site accident.



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