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4 construction site hazards to watch out for

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If you are new to the San Diego construction industry, you may not realize yet just how dangerous your job is. You may know one or two people who have had minor accidents of the hammer-meets-thumb variety, or you might have heard a few stories about a guy that knows a guy that saw a worker fall from a roof.

While the more horrific accidents seem like something that is unlikely to happen, the reality is that things can go terribly wrong in a split second on any day of the week. This is why safety is a major issue on construction sites. Even a seemingly minor mistake can come with catastrophic consequences.

Almost 20 percent of all workplace accidents happen in the construction industry. In some cases, the accidents are due to negligence, improper training, or gross violations committed or overlooked by supervisors and management.

In other cases, injuries happen that were unavoidable random accidents. Other than following prescribed safety protocols, one of the best ways to avoid a workplace injury is to know what to watch out for.


Falls are the top cause of construction site deaths. If you are working at heights, you should have access to safety gear to help you avoid falling. Furthermore, your employer should provide a fall protection plan and train you and your coworkers on how to set up and work with fall prevention systems.

Struck-by accidents

The second most common cause of construction site injuries are struck-by hazards. These hazards come in a variety of methods. For example, an object that falls from a height and strikes a worker would qualify as a struck-by accident. So do incidents that involve a worker being struck by generally any moving and non-moving objects. It is important to remain vigilant and alert when you are on the job to avoid this kind of accident.

Electrical accidents

Younger and less experienced workers often fall victim to electrical accidents. Contact with power lines and live circuits can easily result in a worker death. You should also be aware of faulty power cords and malfunctioning power tools.

Caught-between accidents

Caught-between accidents usually involve a worker being buried or crushed by construction materials or equipment. For instance, if you are working in a trench, you could be at risk of a cave-in if the supports fail. Equipment rollovers are also a safety hazard on a construction site. Take extra precautions when you are working in a situation that has the potential to result in a caught-between accident.

If you have suffered a workplace injury, keep in mind that you have options. You might be able to file a workers’ compensation claim and receive the benefits you deserve.



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