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The basics of workers’ compensation

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No one expects to be injured in the workplace, and they especially do not expect to deal with the financial hardships caused by a workplace injury. While these concerns may be present in the minds of workers in fields that carry more risks, such as construction and mining, the reality is that workers in Ohio could become injured in any industry and work environment.

An on-the-job injury can leave a worker confused and emotional. They may not fully understand how the incident happened, and now they are left dealing with questions, such as what medical professionals to see, how long recovery will take and how the medical bills will be paid. Thus, it is important to take the time to consider what options one might have.

Workers’ compensation may be available. The first thing one must assess if whether or not the injury was work-related. This essentially means that the injury occurred in a person’s course of work. One should also note that events sponsored by an employer, such as company parties, picnics and other social events, would be deemed work-related, regardless of their location.

When a worker seeks workers’ comp, there are some important things to know. If the injury occurred during one’s lunch break, this likely won’t be covered unless it was in the company cafeteria or involved the employer in some way. Also, if an employee has a preexisting condition that became worse on the job, this will typically not be considered work-related. Finally, mental conditions are treated the same as physical injuries. This means that if they occurred because of one’s job, they are covered.

Recovering workers’ compensation following a workplace injury can be imperative. The losses and damages suffered by a worker can be extensive, making it vital to address these growing losses caused by medical bills, rehabilitation and lost wages. Thus, taking the time to understand the application process can help ensure that one obtains the benefits they are eligible to receive.



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