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What are common causes of crane accidents?

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2019 | Construction Workers' Accidents |

A construction site can be a complex and busy area. Not only are there barriers set up around the area, there is heavy machinery, ladders, tools and material throughout the whole site. While this is common, all the components at a construction work site could pose some dangers to workers. When working around heavy machinery, construction workers not only need to be trained properly but also need to be aware of their surroundings, as a simple error could result in a serious construction site accident.

What are common causes of crane accidents? Wen it comes to crane accidents, the likely cause is negligence. Whether it is the direct negligence of the crane operator or due to the lack of adequate training or experience. Thus, 90 percent of crane accidents are due to human error.

When looking at crane accidents as a whole, roughly 80 percent are attributed to the crane operator exceeding the crane’s operational capacity. It was also found that 54 percent are the result of swinging the boom or initiating a lift without the outriggers fully extended.

With regards to mobile crane accidents, 45 percent of them involved electrocution that was a result of the crane contacting a power source during operation. It was found that half of those injured in a crane accident in 2009 resulted in fatalities, and around 80 workers die each year because of a crane accident.

Following a crane accident, it is important to understand what options your might have. The injuries could be serious, and it is not only important to seek medical treatment but also understand what benefits might be available. Workers’ compensation could help a worker not only address these medical bills but also lost wages. And while a worker is focused on recovering from these injuries, he or she could reduce the financial hardships caused by the work accident.



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