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Two killed, 1 injured in rear-end crash

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2019 | Car Accidents |

We all have places to go and motor vehicles are often our way to get there. While there are very resourceful and typically reliable, automobiles are also dangerous. When a vehicle is not properly maintained or when a driver is distracted, speeding or intoxicated, a serious accident could ensue. This not only results in harm to those involved in the crash but could also take the lives of victims in collisions in California and elsewhere.

According to recent reports, two women were killed and one man was seriously injured in a car accident in the San Diego area. Preliminary reports suggest that this rear-ending accident took place in the nighttime hours at a North Country intersection.

Prior to the collision, the three accident victims were riding in a Hyundai Sonata that was stopped at a red light on State Route 76 near East Vista Way. A Chevrolet Silverado was approaching the stopped sedan; however was unable to stop in time. This resulted in the rear-ending collision. Authorities indicated that the driver of the pickup truck was traveling around 45 mph when he tried to brake swerve before slamming into the back of the vehicle.

The force of this collision caused the struck vehicle to push into the SUV in front of them, even causing this vehicle to hit the vehicle in front of them. No injuries were reported in the other two vehicles. At this time, police do not believe drugs or alcohol were a factor in the crash.

The loss of a loved one is a difficult event to go through, especially when someone is taken away far too soon in a sudden and tragic accident. Thus, it is important to consider one’s rights and options, such as filing a wrongful death action. This action will not bring back a loved one but it can help address the losses and damages suffered because of the fatal crash.



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