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Electricity is a major source of risk at any place of work

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There is no question that electricity makes the modern world go round. Everything from the devices we use to communicate to the heating and lighting in modern work spaces require electricity. That means that countless workers everyday interact with electricity.

Some of them do so directly, such as electricians and those who work in construction. They likely have specialized training and equipment to help them stay safe around electricity. Others encounter electricity indirectly, by working with electrically-powered devices and machinery. These people could also end up hurt at work due to electrical issues.

Anyone exposed to electricity at work encounters the potential risk of a shock or an injury. Electricity remains a major cause of workplace accidents and injuries, meaning that employers and employees alike should take steps to limit the risk associated with electricity.

Stay aware of your surroundings, and check machinery carefully

Anything you do frequently or habitually could potentially become part of your daily routine. Routine helps us accomplish things simply, but it can also place us in unnecessary danger. When you work on autopilot, handling routine aspects of your job, you may not pay as close of attention as you might to new or novel tasks.

That lack of attention could mean that you miss an important piece of information, such as a visibly frayed wire. You could also overlook signage advising you danger. For that reason, it is critical that you always remain attentive, especially when you need to operate machinery.

Especially if the machinery is old or the wiring or cords get exposed to friction or traffic, you should always inspect electrical equipment before you operate it. Doing so reduces your risk of electrical shock and burns.

Electrical injuries take more than one form

The most obvious and well-known injury associated with electrical injuries is certainly electrocution. However, electrocution, which is a fatal surge of electricity traveling through the human body, is not the only potential injury that someone can suffer from exposure to electricity.

Serious burns can also result from electrical exposure. Electrical shock can also occur, which can be both painful and damaging. Finally, electrical energy can cause individuals to fall, which can cause secondary injuries or even death. Employers and employees should do everything in their power to limit the risk posed by electrical equipment on a work site.

For those who get hurt due to electrical exposure on the job, it may be possible to qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. Even in circumstances were electrical exposure proves fatal, surviving family members could qualify for survival benefits. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney can help you determine if you have grounds to file a claim after an electrical injury at work.



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