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Four major types of fatal construction site accidents

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2018 | Construction Workers' Accidents |

All around us, we see buildings constructed. Whether it is a home, store, apartment complex or a business building, these structures are considered imperative to society in California and elsewhere. While important, some buildings in San Diego and elsewhere have many dangers on site. While construction companies work to prevent such injuries and to address them if they occur, the reality is that significant harm could happen if an accident were to occur, causing workers to seek compensation for their losses.

With regards to construction site accidents, there are several causes that could result in a worker suffering serious or fatal injuries. The first is falling. This occurs when a worker falls from a great height, a moderate height or on the same level. There are many causes for this, such as improper safety gear or other hazards in the work environment.

The next is being struck by an object on the work site. This could be caused by heavy machinery or something dropping from a height. Another cause is electrical hazards. Electrocutions account for serious and fatal construction site incidents each year. A final cause of a construction accident is a worker getting caught in-between something. This occurs when a worker is crushed or trapped between two objects. This

While many of these types of construction accidents suffer fatal injuries, some workers do survive these tragic incidents. This usually results in the worker suffering severe injuries. This also means that the worker is then left with ongoing medical treatment and lost wages while they take time off to recover. The losses and damages can be extensive and ever accumulating.

In order to offset the damages suffered by a construction site accident, a worker could file for workers’ compensation benefits. This could help address financial harms caused by the workplace accident, helping the worker manage their finances while they recover.



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