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How can workers’ comp help after a construction site accident?

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2018 | Construction Workers' Accidents |

Residents in San Diego and elsewhere rely on the construction industry to build roads, homes, buildings and other structures. It is common to see construction projects start, progress and finish all around, but these projects are not completed without any risks or dangers being present. The constriction industry is inherently dangerous; making it likely that workers may suffer minor, serious and even fatal injuries.

A construction accident is likely to result in injuries. An injured worker likely suffers many losses because of the accident. This typically includes medical bills, rehabilitation, lost wages and other related damages. In these matters, it is common to seek out resources that could help, such as workers’ compensation.

How can workers’ comp help after a construction accident? This benefit could help address certain losses, and when a worker is entitled to workers’ comp, he or she can have these losses covered. Medical care, which includes ongoing treatment, is covered by this benefit. Temporary and permanent disability are covered, allowing the injured worker to receive a certain pay rate for this timeframe. Additionally, vocational rehabilitation can also be covered. This can help the injured obtain assistance with getting another job.

Being involved in a construction accident can be a shocking and life-shifting event. While it can disrupt a person’s life, it is important to understand there are ways to address the losses caused by the incident. Workers’ compensation is an excellent way to address the losses caused by the work accident. Seeking an experienced attorney can be helpful for those in such situations.



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