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Understanding construction accidents

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2018 | Construction Workers' Accidents |

Individuals in California and elsewhere know that some work environments pose more risks than others. Take the construction industry, for example. Construction workers are not only often tasked with working at great heights, they frequently work with heavy machinery and tools. These factors create many risks on their own. When other factors such as training, safety equipment and other similar factors, this can create an even more dangerous environment for workers.

It comes as no surprise that fatal accidents occur on construction sites. According to current statistics, 937 deaths occurred in 2015, which is the highest rate since 2008. Of these deaths, falls or slip and trips caused 39 percent. Another 24 percent were transportation related. Additionally, 17 percent stemmed from objects or equipment contact and 15 percent were due to the exposure to harmful substances or environments.

While there are various causes for construction accidents, falls are the leading cause. This is because many construction workers work at a height and use scaffolds. When scaffolds are not erected correctly or not used properly, this could result in a fatal fall. Additionally, safety equipment is necessary, as this could prevent injuries or death if a fall or incident were to occur on the work site.

Based on current data, more than 2.3 million construction workers work consistently on scaffolding. This makes it an important matter to create protections and guard against serious and fatal injuries. It is estimated that safety features could prevent 50 fatalities and 4,500 injuries each year.

Following a construction accident, it is important to understand cause and what steps can be taken to address the injuries and damages that an incident caused. In these matters, it may be possible for injured workers to seek workers’ compensation for the injuries suffered on-the-job. This could help address medical bills, lost wages and other damages.



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