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Protecting your rights after a dog bite

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2018 | Dog Bites |

While one could own a wide variety of animals as pets, owing a dog is fairly common in California. Many choose this pet because of the companionship they offer. While a dog may be men’s best friend, owning one comes with many responsibilities. If a dog owner is not up for fulfilling these duties, it could compromise the health and well-being of the dog. Even more so, a negligent dog owner could be the cause of a dog attack or dog bite.

Even the nicest dog, and one a person has interacted with on numerous occasions, can be capable of biting an individual. Because of this, dog owners are tasked with taking steps to avoid such an occurrence. Therefore, when a dog bite does happen, the dog owner’s conduct and knowledge are often put into question.

In some cases, a dog might have been provoked. A person may has aggravated a dog by hitting it or poking it with something. This could cause the dog to become defensive, biting the person who is viewed as the attacker. However, when these facts do not exist, one often looks at the knowledge of the dog owner regarding the dog’s dangerous propensities. Additionally, one may question if the dog has bitten others or if the dog owner failed to protect other’s from their dog, such as properly leashing them or keeping them in a fenced in area.

At Bender & Gritz, APLC, our law firm considers all of these factors when assessing dog bite cases and how the law applies to them. Our goal is to gain as much information as possible so we can protect the rights and interests of our clients. To learn more, check out our law firm’s dog bites website. A dog bite can be a serious incident, resulting in severe injuries and damages to a victim. Because of this, it is important to explore the options available to you, as compensation and closure may be available



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