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How prevalent are fatal pedestrian accidents?

| Sep 29, 2018 | Wrongful Death |

In San Diego and other cities across the nation, it is fairly common to see individuals walking on the street or on sidewalks. Getting around by foot can be very convenient, especially when it is a beautiful day. However, no matter the reason for walking or the current weather outside, pedestrians are put at risk every day. This is because they are traveling near motor vehicles. And when a motorist fails to take note of a pedestrian or drive safely, this could result in a fatal incident.

How prevalent are fatal pedestrian accidents? Based on current data from 2015, there were 5,376 individuals killed in pedestrian crashes that involved a motor vehicle. In other words, this means that roughly 15 people are killed every day in a pedestrian crash. When compared to previous years, this was the highest rate of pedestrian deaths since 1996. From 2006 to 2015, there was a 12 percent increase in pedestrian deaths despite the fact that there was an 18 percent decrease in total traffic fatalities.

When comparing walking on foot with other modes of transportation, it is tough to say whether or not it is more dangerous than other forms of transportation. Data indicates that pedestrians are over-represented, accounting for roughly 18 percent of all traffic fatalities but only representing 10.9 percent of trips. Despite this finding, it is impossible to determine whether or not walking is more dangerous.

While it is clear that safety is improving in many facets in life, the unfortunate reality is that fatal accidents still occur each and every day. When they occur, it is important that proper investigation is completed. This could help surviving family member understand cause and who was liable. It can also assist with a wrongful death action to recover losses and damages.



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