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Helping you overcome losses after a construction accident

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2018 | Construction Workers' Accidents |

A construction site looks like a major operation. Even when it is a small project, a passerby in California can easily note that there are many tools and equipment that go into the construction or remodel of a home or building. Construction workers are often faced with many risks in the work environment. While most of these risks are known, this does not mean accidents won’t happen. As the name implies, some accident just happen and cannot be prevented.

Even though construction site accidents do happen, this does not make the end results easier to process and deal with. Like other workplace accident, a construction accident can be severe. This could require the worker to seek out medical care for an extended period of time. It could also means taking time off from work to heal properly.

At Bender & Gritz, APLC, our attorneys understand that suffering a construction site accident often means missing work. And missed work means missed wages. The financial impacts of a construction accident can be extensive, making it important that workers in the San Diego area understand their rights and options.

Our law firm knows how beneficial workers’ compensation can be. Because of this, our attorneys are ready and prepared to help injured construction workers take the necessary steps to recover workers’ comp. It may seem like a simple and straightforward process; however, even when workers’ comp is awarded, it does not fully reimburse the injured worker for all the expenses resulting from the incident. This is where our assistance can shine, as we can help workers file a private lawsuit on top of filing for workers’ compensation. If a third-party is responsible for the accident and resulting injuries, it is possible to hold them accountable for your losses and damages suffered.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s construction workers’ accidents website. While it may seem like a minor situation, any type of construction accident could cause a worker to suffer much harm. Because the financial hardship can be extensive, it is important to understand how to offset these losses.



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