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What are the dog bite laws in California?

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2018 | Dog Bites |

Owning a dog is a fun and exciting. Having a bond, relationship and a companionship is a positive experience. However, along with the fun come the responsibilities. A dog owner must ensure that the dog is well cared for but they must also make sure that the dog does not harm any one that comes into contact with them. A dog bite can be a serious situation, resulting in a victim suffering serious physical, mental, emotional and financial damages.

California code indicates that an owner of any dog is liable to the damages suffered by another person when a dog bites him or her while in a public place or when they are lawfully permitted in a private place. This includes being on the property of the dog owner and whether or not the owner had knowledge of his or her dog’s vicious tendencies.

One should note, however, that such an action cannot be brought when the victim of a dog bite was harassing or provoking the dog. Additionally, a dog bite action cannot be filed against a government agency using a dog in military or police work, and in the course of this work, a suspect is harmed by a dog bite. This includes using a dog in the apprehension or holding of a suspect, during the investigation of a crime or possible crime, n the execution of a warrant or in the defense of a peace officer or another person.

The aftermath of a dog back could be severe. One could suffer serious injuries, even disfigurement. This could require much medical treatment and may even cause mental and emotional distress. The damages could eb extensive, and victims should consider ways to overcome these hardships.

No one is prepared to suffer a dog bite. Whether a person is approaching a dog that has been friendly in the past or a stranger is walking a dog past you, a dog attack could have a gruesome after effects. The injuries and damages could be extensive, making it vital that a victim explores his or her options to seek compensation through a personal injury action.



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