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Typing can lead to workplace injuries

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While you may not think that your office job is particularly strenuous, the reality is that there are still hazards you could face. One of those hazards is a repetitive stress injury from typing. If you work an eight hour day at the computer, then you’re aware that you’re frequently using a mouse, typing and moving in similar ways throughout the day.

There are some symptoms of typing-related injuries that you should be aware of. If you recognize them early on, it’s possible to adjust and reduce the strain you place on your fingers, wrists, arms and shoulders. Here’s a little more about typing injuries.

Symptoms can be subtle or severe

To start with, you may notice some pain in the fingers or wrist as a result of using the keyboard, mouse or computer in a repetitive manner. Some people can work around the pain by adjusting the shape of the mouse, the level of the keyboard or even the height of the screen to make them sit differently during the day.

Once symptoms become more significant, it may be necessary to take time off work to allow for inflammation to reduce or even to give you time to get a surgery to eliminate carpal tunnel. It’s possible to develop injuries so severe that they require surgical intervention just by typing for several hours every day with poor ergonomics.

How can you reduce the risk of injury while typing?

The main way is by finding an ergonomic position to use. That means finding a position where your wrists are relaxed and your fingers move the least amount possible to complete the same tasks. You’ll also want to make sure you’re sitting up straight and have relaxed shoulders in alignment as you work.

You can also opt for more frequent breaks. If you are on the computer for several hours a day, then you should take breaks between assignments or at least a few times an hour to stretch your hands and give your eyes time to rest.

If you develop shooting pains or seem to become weaker when it comes to picking up objects or carrying items, then you may have developed the start of a repetitive strain injury. At that point, it’s important to report your injury to your employer. You will want to seek medical help early, so you can get ahead of the injury and relieve the pressure on your body.



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