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Helping you recover compensation after a car crash

| Aug 3, 2018 | Car Accidents |

We live in a society that relies on motor vehicles. While these are efficient ways to get around, automobiles present many dangers. Beyond the fact that motorists and passengers are traveling at a high rate of speed among many motor vehicles, there is a growing chance that a driver will be traveling while also using their cellphone. Distracted driving is a serious situation that far too often causes serious and fatal collisions.

California roadways can get very busy and congested. This can create a dangerous situation, as vehicles are traveling very close to one another. Another concern is that drivers may be in a rush, causing them to not drive safely as they are speeding and weaving between vehicles. What can be even more hazardous is when a driver is on their cellphone. Not paying attention for even a brief moment could result in a serious collision.

At Bender & Gritz, APLC, our law firm understands how dangerous distracted driving can be. We have helped pas clients navigate the legal process following such a car accident, helping them explore their rights and recourses following such a tragic event. Thus, our attorneys are dedicated to helping accident victims in the San Diego area protect their rights and recover compensation after a automobile collision.

The pain and the financial losses that befall a victim of a car accident can be serious. It is often the only things a victim is focused on, as it is the most damaging and life impacting. Therefore, our attorneys take the time to help our clients establish the cause of the crash and the wide range of damages suffered. This ensures the liable party is held accountable and a favorable monetary award is recovered.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s car accidents website. Life can get busy and hectic; however, this should not take over a person’s ability to driver safe. When a distracted driver causes a crash, it is important for victims to take steps to establish cause, determine liability and file a personal injury action as a means to recover compensation for his or her losses and damages.



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