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Fatal hit-and-run pedestrian crash in California

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2018 | Wrongful Death |

Our days can get busy. We may miss some parts of the day, especially when we are focused on a certain task. However, there is one place where these distractions should not come into play, and that is in a motor vehicle. If a motorist does not take the time to prevent and address any distractions that may come their way, he or she could be held accountable for the harms caused to an accident victim.

According to recent reports, a fatal pedestrian crash occurred in California. The accident took place in Encinitas and occurred when a 62-year-old woman was traveling by foot on a North County freeway off-ramp during the early morning hours.

Reports suggest that the woman might be transient, and she was found dead on the right-hand shoulder of the road that connected northbound Interstate 5 to Encinitas Boulevard. Investigation is still ongoing; however, it was reported that investigators located broken-off auto parts near the site of the crash.

It is believed that a Ford pickup or SUV struck the pedestrian. At this time, there are no known witnesses, but investigation will continue. Once completed, authorities should be able to establish cause and liability. This could help the loved ones of the deceased seek legal recourses for their losses suffered.

A wrongful death action is available to family members following the death of a loved one. If a negligent party is to blame for the fatal crash, it is possible to hold them accountable. This action could also help with the recovery of compensation for losses and damages suffered.



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