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Can I get workers’ compensation for on-the-job hearing loss?

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Workers’ compensation claims are famously difficult to navigate for many people, especially if their injuries did not occur in a single instance, but built up over time. While it may be a bit more difficult to document a cumulative work-related injury, this is still harm that a worker suffers on the job, and deserves fair compensation.

If you believe that your own hearing loss is due to work-related causes, you need to make sure that you understand the state-specific guidelines that dictate how you may be compensated and what kinds of documentation you must provide to support your claim.

A strong workers’ compensation claim may take time to construct, especially if it is hearing loss or some other injury that builds slowly. Unlike a slip and fall on a loading dock or some other injury that occurs in a single accident, you will probably have to document in detail the causes of your hearing loss and its severity.

Proving your hearing loss is work related

Depending on the nature of your job and other factors in your personal life, the insurance provider may push back on your claim, suggesting that other causes brought about your hearing loss. This is why detailed documentation is important, especially from your medical care provider.

It is also important to document clearly how your work environment led to your hearing loss. For instance, in most workplaces where the noise levels are potentially dangerous, workers are required to wear hearing protection. If you were clearly instructed to wear hearing protection and it was provided to you, but you chose to not use it, the provider may claim that the employer is not liable because it met its requirements for keeping you safe.

Depending on your age and the amount of time you spent at the workplace you believe caused your injury, the insurer may also claim that your hearing loss is simply the natural degradation of hearing most of us experience as we age. To avoid these setbacks, you must make sure that you can clearly outline how your work environment caused the injury, not other factors.

Protecting yourself with a strong legal strategy

Obtaining the full compensation that you deserve is often a lengthy process, especially if you do not have much familiarity with the workers’ compensation system and how to navigate it. Many workers lose money and time because of the complexity of the process and don’t know how to fight for what they truly deserve when an insurance provider denies a claim or asserts that a work related injury was caused by something else. Make sure that you have all the legal resources and guidance that you need to get the compensation that you deserve while keeping your rights protected.



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