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Bitten by a dog? Use your attorney during the claim’s process

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In many cases, a person who has been attacked by a dog had met the dog dozens of times before. It was always a little bit of an aggressive pet, but it wasn’t biting people. Instead, it would use its mouth to playfully bite, as dogs do since dogs never know their own strength in terms of potential consequences to humans.

Let’s say it can got out of hand the last time you arrived to your friend’s home. The dog became upset at not getting the attention it wanted, and it clenched down on your arm.

Your friend called for an ambulance. It was a fairly bad bite, and you may have needed surgery to repair damage to your arm. The dog was placed with Animal Control for a period of time while you recovered and to make sure it was healthy.

Now, you want to make a claim, but you don’t want to hurt your friend. You know they didn’t intend for this to happen, but you still need medical care and compensation. The good news is that you can work with your attorney and never have to involve your friend much at all.

There are advantages to using an attorney when making an insurance claim

In most cases like this, the owner of the pet won’t have to pay directly for the injuries suffered. Instead, it’s the homeowner’s insurance policy or other insurance coverage that kicks in to pay for medical bills and financial losses.

Once you get your friend’s insurance information, you don’t need to bring up the issue again. In fact, your attorney will speak directly with the insurance agent, so you don’t have to do so yourself. By leaving your friend out while you focus on healing, you can both maintain a good relationship without feeling that you’re fighting over who has to pay for your injuries.

A dog bite is serious business, but if you want to preserve your friendship regardless of the outcome of your insurance claim and the investigation into the dog’s actions, it’s usually wise to allow third parties to handle the claim. While your attorney handles your claim, you can relax and focus on healing. You and your friend can have your own discussions about how to address the pet without the money aspect hanging over your head. In the end, this is usually better for people in closer relationships who have to make claims.



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