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Possible damages in a wrongful death claim

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2018 | Wrongful Death |

The death of a San Diego loved one can be a devastating event in the lives of the family members who relied on the decedent’s love and support. A spouse may have to learn to live without the love of their life. A child may learn to grow up without the important care of a parent. Both financial and emotional losses from a wrongful death can make living difficult for the loved ones of a deceased victim.

However, a family can pursue a wide range of damages to help them move past the tragedy of a loss. This post will address some of the types of damages that the courts of California allow parties to pursue in wrongful death cases, but readers should talk to their own personal injury attorneys to best prepare pleadings that are accurate to the facts of their cases and their claims.

Victims who have lost loved ones may seek their actual damages through a wrongful death lawsuit. Actual damages are actual financial losses that victims endured due to the death of their family member. Common forms of actual damages include medical and funeral bills related to the decedent’s end of life. They may also include losses related to the wages the victim could have earned had they remained alive.

Individuals who have lost loved ones in wrongful death accidents can also seek damages for their emotional losses. Pain and suffering, loss of companionship for spouses and loss of affection for children are possible bases for damages that parties may pursue. Not all damages may be appropriate in all wrongful death cases, though, and it is therefore important that readers seek the assistance of personal injury attorneys in their communities to ensure that their pleadings are accurate and complete.



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