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Driver allegedly targets pedestrians in violent car crash

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2018 | Car Accidents |

Collisions between cars and people are an unfortunate occurrence throughout San Diego and California. While most of these run-ins are true accidents, from time to time, drivers make dangerous and sometimes criminal decisions that put pedestrians’ lives at risk. One such event may have recently happened in El Cajon where two pedestrians were significantly injured by an out-of-control driver.

One victim stated that she was involved in a quarrel with the driver of the vehicle at a local park prior to the incident. Afterward, the driver then drove their vehicle up onto the sidewalk, through a fence and traffic signs and in the process, hit the two victims. The vehicle stopped when it struck a traffic pole and the two individuals in the vehicle also suffered injuries.

The two victims reportedly suffered major trauma from their involvement in the crash, but for their part, the driver of the vehicle claimed only that they lost control of their car prior to the dangerous crash. Further investigations may reveal how this horrible incident occurred.

As the two pedestrian victims in this story work toward recovery they may need significant help to get themselves back on their feet. They may have the option of seeking their accident-related damages from the driver of the vehicle that hurt them, and doing so may involve filing personal injury lawsuits based on their existing claims. An attorney who represents personal injury and car accident victims may be of great help to them as they seek to understand their legal rights and the options that they have for recovering their damages.



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