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San Diego infant attacked, injured by pit bull

On Behalf of | May 17, 2018 | Dog Bites |

A pit bull reporters described as “large” who was owned by a family friend attacked a two-month-old without warning. The incident happened in a San Diego neighborhood in a backyard.

The infant had her skull cracked and also had her eye damaged. She also suffered a traumatic brain injury in the form of a puncture presumably caused by the dog’s clamping its teeth down on the child’s head. The baby girl had surgery the same day the incident happened.

According to witnesses, both the child’s mother and the owner of the dog were in the area when the dog attacked the baby. The owner claimed it was the first time the dog had shown a tendency to bite other people and has agreed to have the dog euthanized.

While there is a fundraising effort for the family underway, it is hard to tell how much money this injury will ultimately cost the girl’s family. There are no doubt going to be substantial medical bills, and there may also be ongoing rehabilitation expenses associated with this injury.

Moreover, it is not clear how these injuries will affect the infant in the long term. While one hopes she makes a full recovery, with injuries of this nature, the child and the child’s parents could wind up coping with this ordeal for the rest of the baby’s life. At a minimum, there will be considerable emotional fallout from this incident that will affect both the child and the parents.

As this blog has discussed before, dog owners in California are held strictly liable for dog bites, meaning that they will ordinarily be expected to compensate the victims of their dogs for the injuries the dog causes.

Source: Fox 5, “2-month-old girl mauled by pit bull,” Felicia Martinez, May 8, 2018.



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