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We represent victims of carpal tunnel syndrome

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A previous post on this blog talked about how many office workers and other residents of the San Diego area may suffer from repetitive motion injuries.

Even in the office, employees are often expected to do the same thing with their hands, arms or legs over and over again. One example of this is typing. As a result, it’s not surprising that workers from a variety of professions develop carpal tunnel syndrome or some other repetitive motion injury.

As the previous post discussed, this condition can be quite serious. It can prevent people from being able to handle objects with their hands, and it can also lead to a constant sensation of pain, tingling or weakness.

Unfortunately, if not properly addressed, the underlying damage to the nerves can be permanent. Indeed, many suffers are forced out of their occupations by the condition and must either stop working or find another career.

Our law office has extensive experience with handling carpal tunnel claims through California’s workers’ compensation system. We have represented cashiers and office workers who are constantly handling computers, but we’ve also represented people in industry and construction. For example, people working on an assembly line and operators of vibrating equipment develop carpal tunnel quite easily and have come to us when they need assistance with getting benefits.

Although workers’ compensation in California is a no-fault system, it can still be difficult for an injured worker to prove that his or her condition is serious enough to warrant long-term payments to cover the employee’s lost income.

Some of the employee’s medical bills may even come in to dispute, as the employer and its insurance company have an incentive to pay less compensation as opposed to, at least to their way of thinking, giving away the store.

With our knowledge and experience handling workers’ compensation claims on behalf of those suffering with carpal tunnel syndrome, we are able to work hard to advocate for our clients’ interests in our efforts to get them the compensation that they deserve.



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