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You never know what will cause a serious construction accident

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2018 | Construction Workers' Accidents |

The construction industry is full of twists and turns, some good and some bad. If you work in this field, it’s imperative to keep one thing in mind: Your safety must always come first.

This means something different to everyone, but you should absolutely implement a plan that allows you to prevent accidents that could result in serious injury (or even death).

There are many situations that can cause a serious construction accident, including but not limited to:

  • Falling objects. If an object falls from above, such as from a roof or scaffolding, it could harm anyone standing below. This holds true even if the object is not particularly heavy. For this reason, wearing a hard hat at all times is a must.
  • Trip and fall. Construction sites are often full of debris and tools, some of which are left in the wrong place at the wrong time. Even if you watch where you’re walking, preventing a trip and fall is not always easy.
  • Equipment accidents. Construction workers use many types of equipment to do a more efficient job. There are situations in which the use of equipment leads to an accident, such as if a defective tool is used.
  • Fire or explosion. This is among the most serious of construction site accidents, as it has a good chance of killing or seriously injuring anyone in close proximity.
  • Trench or building collapse. While it’s not a common event on construction sites, a trench or building collapse is every bit as serious as it sounds. It’s important to take action to prevent a collapse, but this doesn’t always happen.

These are some of the many situations that can cause a serious construction accident, but it’s not a complete list. There are many other things that could put you in a bad spot in the future.

You do your best to prevent a construction accident, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be successful. You have no control over what other people are doing, so there’s a chance that a mistake by another worker could lead to personal injury.

If this happens, receive immediate medical help and then learn more about your legal rights. Depending on your work status, you may be able to file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. This will allow you to receive compensation until you can return to work.



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