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Bicyclist seriously hurt at area intersection

| Mar 9, 2018 | Car Accidents |

A bicyclist in the San Diego area who was traveling in a group of other bicyclists was taken to a nearby hospital with what authorities described as serious injuries after a car trying to make a left turn hit her.

According to authorities, the group of bicyclists was heading east on an area street and entered an intersection. While in the intersection, the driver of a vehicle coming from the east heading west, opposite the bicyclists, made a left turn that the bicyclists were apparently not expecting. In the course of the turn, the driver’s vehicle struck the woman’s bike, causing the collision that left the woman injured. The exact extent of the woman’s injuries is not known.

Police say that the driver of the car remained at the scene and cooperated with authorities. The police also indicated that they do not believe this accident was related to alcohol or drug use. No doubt that there will be additional investigation in to this accident.

Still, the general rule of the road is that vehicles which wish to make a turn, whether they be bicycles or motor vehicles, must yield to vehicles coming from the opposite direction and wishing to go straight. When the driver of a motor vehicle fails to do so, perhaps because he or she just isn’t watching for bicycles, serious car accidents can be the end result.

While this car accident may require further investigation, it is important for the victim and her family to begin trying to figure out how they are going to manage their losses and costs, as the victim will no doubt have medical bills and may have to take time away from work in order to recover from this injury. One option to consider is a personal injury lawsuit against the car’s driver.

Source: FOX 5, “Bicyclist seriously injured in accident in South Bay,” Feb. 25, 2018.



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